Problems with chat function

Hi Jitsi team,
I tested the conference room of JITSI over the weekend with 5 participants in Germany for more than 24 hours. Everything went well.

This morning I started an online course with 28 participants in Vietnam (Moderator in Germany) and we had the following problems:

  1. we could not use the conference room I had tested over the weekend
  2. I set up a new conference and everything went well for approximately one hour

Then there were problems with chat function; the students could not send messages to me. I was notified over WhatsApp and tried to use the chat function myself. No reaction …

Is there enough capacity available or are there technical problems at JITSI due to the increased need for online-conferences (as a result of the corona situation)?

Yes, we had some issues in the morning due to the high traffic, and they were fixed at some point.
We are working hard to eliminate those and improve the service during this high demand time.