Problems with camera on chrome/macos



deployed meet and it works pretty well.
Hit strange issue on macos/chrome combination (firefox works fine)
for some reason meet can’t get access to camera in chrome (both camera and mic access allowed) while mic works just fine for cam meet states that permission not granted
Any idea where to start digging?
Thanks in advance


Are you accessing deployment using http or https? Webrtc supports only https, this is the only think coming to my mind.


Using https, and it only affects chrome but not firefox (firefox works with camera)


Do you have same problems with


yes, i do.
Here is system details for reference


and OS


What about Sorry, trying to narrow down the problem. Did you had problems on that machine before upgrading to mojave?


throws similar error
Error getting user media: Could not start video source
getUserMedia error: Failed to get access to local media. Error name was NotReadableError. Continuing without sending a stream.

Not tried before upgrade to mojave, let me find someone with previous version to check


Then I suspect it is a chrome problem, nothing jitsi-meet specific :frowning: maybe you can report it referencing that it fails on


Got it! thanks for help!