Problems with 443 port when I run docker-compose up -d

I installed jitsi with docker in Centos 7 server, it is working well, I have own certificate, however, when I change the port to 443 and run docker-compose up -d, appear this error:
ERROR: for web Cannot start service web: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint dockerjitsimeet_web_1 (12a3207ae43352a7d8d09b8e4410f21543e6593a2f80c1edd21e44e7da5f179c): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use
Apreciate if someone can help me

I experienced exactly the same issue here.

I’m using a subdomain. I turned turning off the Apache server as it listens on port 443, and using the shared ip address, it works but now also the main domains are displaying the jitsi server and not their respective websites. Any help is welcome.