Problems to connect to own server via IPad mobile app

Hi guys,

I have problems to connect with the newest Jitsi Meet IPad Mobile App (on iOS 13.1.2) to my own Jitsi Meet server.

We have the Jitsi Meet System for educational purposes. I use a Router with no internet connection to handle the internal IP adresses to reach my own internal Jitsi Meet server (on Ubuntu 18.04.3). If I connect to the internet (for test purposes only), I can connect to via the Jitsi Meet Mobile App (Version 19.3.1 build 37). If I want to connect via Mobile Safari, the software advises me to use the Jitsi Meet mobile app.
This setup did work in the past with an older version of the Jitsi Meet mobile app, but unfortunately not with the newest version.

Is there anyone, who can help me, please?

Greetings from Germany,


Hello? Is there anybody out there, who can help me, please?