Problems sharing my screen

Hi there,

got a problem sharing my screen. I clicked on the button in the corner, but its not working. It says something like: your configurations are not right…

greets from germany


Its german, and its says, that sharing has failed. something is wrong with my authorization. I need to do it again… But, it wont help.


But with safari it allows me to share the screen. Not the Tabs alone or any app. But thats a start.

in english:

“screen sharing failed
Oops! something went wrong with your screen sharing permission. please reload and try again.”

Does it work with Chromium?

I don’t know… will not install chromium. Friends of mine does not have any problems.

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Okay no problem Chromium is just google chrome without the google inside, It should’ve come pre-installed with your Chrome download, if not you may need to re-install chrome

nope… didn’t work.

thank your for your help.

Which version of Chrome are you running?