Problems recording, video and audio don't just appear in the avatar

I have the jisti and jibri on the docker, and I’m trying to record a call but the jibri is apparently just recording the screen itself, just showing the avatar on the chromedriver, does anyone know what it might be?

Does your deployment work with 3 tabs open? Do you hear and see other tab’s media?

When I open more than one tab on the same computer, my camera and microphone disappear and I can’t hear or see my video, but when I send the link to the call and enter the call through another computer, I can see and hear everything.

Is the problem related to opening the chromedriver along with the call?

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You need 3 tabs, to make sure you are using jvb and that works. Jibri always uses jvb mode.

If there is no media with 3 tabs, you need to fix that and jibri will start working. Normally that is a problem jvb not reporting the public ip to be reached or port forwarding not working.

Hello @damencho I have the same misconfiguration, do you have an example that we follow up?

@Iuri_Batista_Teles Install using the Quick Install Guide. Make sure all required ports are open and properly forwarded if you’re behind a NAT. Pay particular attention to port 10000/UDP, it’s often implicated in the problem you’re reporting.

Once you establish that you’re able to host a call with 3 users using audio and video successfully, then you can move on to Jibri for recording.

@Freddie I created VMs, locally with docker quite some times . Something is not right, obviously. So, technically is only configuration that is wrong could be in the .env file, @Freddie do you have a example that I can follow up. I appreciate your attention.

Sorry, I’m really not terribly familiar with docker, but if you search the forum, there are quite a number of docker users with examples you can probably glean from.

@damencho any help here?

So you somehow think tagging damencho to do your job for you is easier than using the search tool in the forum to find the answer you need? Goodluck with that.

@Freddie I just need some help, I believe that will help all the community, me and @Gustavo_Grauzely . Damench offer help, so I mark him up. But, thanks @Freddie I didn’t get your point.

Yep, check the forum for answers. I’m not so familiar with docker, but I can guess that you haven’t setup DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS to be the public address of the machine and you need to make sure port 10000 from that public address reaches docker and jvb …