Problems making Jitsi work from the outside

Hello everyone,
First of all, thank you for the awesome Jitsi and its community. I am new to Jitsi and I managed to make it work in my private network, thanks to the community. However, I am having problems when making it work outside of my own network. When I try it on cellphones connected outside my network the audio and video does not work. I followed the instructions described here:

I even followed the advanced configuration instructions and the problem still persists.
All the correct ports are supposed to be open.
Can anyone help?
Below you can find my logs:
jicofo.log (160.7 KB)
jvb.log (3.4 MB)
prosody.log (247.3 KB)
I would be very grateful for any hint or help.

Make sure your port forwarding of udp 10000 works.


@damencho, your advice worked perfectly!!! Thank you very much for the help.