Problems installing on digital ocean

I have tried already 5 times installing without success.
I need help.
Basically the first time I had too many redirects, I am trying now with a subdomain but am having a hell of a time.
I am trying to do it with cloudflare as a dns.
Can someone please help me out?

if by subdomain you mean something along the lines of
you are on the right track as other possibilities are more for web masters.

My only advice is to be wary of tutorials that you find on the internet, even coming from your hosting provider; Jitsi is evolving very fast and you should always prefer the official manual that you will find on the Jitsi site since it’s the more up-to-date. There are not much hardship using quick install on an Ubuntu 18.04. If you are trying to begin by setting up a complex network configuration with proxy on a fully unsupported distro, good luck.

Can you establish an SSH connection to your server using the host address (not IP)?