Problems detecting bandwidth in certain cases

Hello, I currently have a problem with the bandwidth in the recordings with JIBRI, this last case occurred under the following scenario:

  1. I started recording smoothly to a point where I had to disable screen sharing.
  2. After a few minutes I activated the shared screen and the error appeared in jibri about “the video has been deactivated to save bandwidth”.

I understand that there may be internet peaks at certain times but I have 30 minutes of video with only audio without retries to view the video, I already have several recordings in which something similar happens.
It should be noted that it is a VPS dedicated to a single jibri recording, in this way it has its 200MB / S for the only use of the jibri. Therefore this error that is concurrent under different scenarios only happens to me with the new jitsi, since in the jitsi of August I did not have these problems, but if I had others, that is why I would like to use this version without problems.
I have searched the forum for several explanations of why it can be and I have seen that several have the problem, but in the users, it may be the same detail and if it could help to solve this I would like to know how and if there is already a solution on the way I would like to know What can I do to mitigate this error.
I am attaching a photo of the error.

You may try to decrease the resolution to 1280x720

Hello, thanks for answering.
I don’t think you understand what I said. But in the same way I emphasize that the jibri records in 720 and I do not have memory collapses or cpu everything quiet.
The problem lies and that it is something sporadic that the insufficient bandwidth message appears and the video is deactivated and there is only audio until the jibri ends.
There are no video reconnection retries, should there be any? Looking in the community I saw that it is an alternative to disable the bwe because it is a bandwidth calculation problem, but what do you recommend?
Please I would like to know how to fix it because we are using jitsi and recordings without video are practically lost for anyone who uses it for virtual classes.