Problems connecting to room on self-hosted Jitsi with JWT


First of all, thanks to all of the Jitsi team for the great work you’ve done! Your project has been the savor of a lot of teams and companies affected by the current crisis!

I installed Jitsi on a VM at Google Cloud, following the instructions of the quick install guide, with a Let’s Encrypt certificate (installed via the documented method). I then enabled JWT token authentification with token moderation. I updated Meet few times from the repo since.
Everything worked fine for a few weeks and we had a really stable system, with the deeplink to the Jitsi Meet app working as expected and allowing to join the room without any issue.

About 10 days ago, I noticed that we couldn’t join the room via the app anymore. Each time you follow the link, the application seem to try to connect to the room but nothing happens. There is the loading icon spining and a message at the bottom saying I’m alone in the room, even when there is already multiple users connected via the iframe. After few seconds (seems like a timeout), a message appear saying the connection didn’t work and it will try to reconnect.

I tried restarting Jitsi and its modules several times, and even the server, without any success. I also tried few different devices on iOS and Android with the same results. I does work fine joining a room hosted on though.
After some research on similar topics, I checked the certificate chain and everythings looks fine on that side. I also tried some workaround, like pasting directly the room name with the jwt attribute in the app, with no success.
I also checked the logs (jicofo and prosody) and there is nothing on that side either (seems like it doesn’t reach the sever).

Is there any know connectivity issues with the app to self-hosted Jitsi instances?
If no, can you please point me to a way to fix that problem if known, or get more informations on the reason why the app can’t connect?