Problem with videobridge (Health check failed)


I have 8 videobridges on Ubuntu machines. Yesterday, I saw that one of them doesn’t work. I don’t have any participants and conferences. In Jicofo logs I notice this error :

Jicofo 2022-01-14 09:35:17.360 WARNING: [142] JvbDoctor$HealthCheckTask.doHealthCheck#284: Health check failed for: jvbbrewery@internal.auth.jitsi-domain/jitsi-jvb08b: error xmlns=‘jabber:client’ type=‘cancel’ service-unavailable xmlns=‘urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas’/ /error


Well, I don’t know in spite of looking at the code; what it seems to imply is that the bridge don’t know how to answer to a health status request - not that the status is bad, but it jjust don’t know about it. Which is strange. Could you examine the setup of this bridge - not the config files, but the general installation - Java packets, system, is there anything specific about this bridge ?

Check jvb logs

I restarted JVB and attached logs.
JVB_Logs.txt (8.8 KB)

Yep, this is a bridge with no errors in it. After restarting it jicofo still do not see it?

Yes, I restarted prosody / jicofo server and I have the same problem. Even I stop jitsi-videobridge2 service or shutdown this videobridge machine then I get the same error in Jicofo logs every 10 second.

Probably jicofo is not looking at the correct room for jvbs. As the jvb connected successfully:

JVB 2022-01-14 14:34:47.513 INFO: [21] [hostname=domain id=shard] MucClient$MucWrapper.join#748: Joined MUC: jvbbrewery@internal.auth.domain

Upload the jicofo log after restarting it.

I attached Jicofo logs.
Jicofo_Logs.txt (10.4 KB)

What are the command line args passed to jvb? From /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config

Maybe show and your jvb.conf and files from that folder.

  1. My configuration on prosody/jicofo and videobridge is correct.
  2. Yesterday, I changed my problematic videobridge name in Jitsi cofiguration on prosody, videobridge and nginx machines from “jitsi-jvb08b” to “jitsi-jvb10b”. After that, my videobridge has started working.
  3. It’s strange because all the time I have in Jicofo.log the same error every 10 seconds. Prosody / Jicofo machine all the time try to do health check on videobridge “jitsi-jvb08b” but I don’t have configured this bridge. I attached Jicofo.log.

Jicofo_Log.txt (2.1 KB)