Problem with video on remote client

Hello I have installed a server on a local network,no internet no NAT.I have conected a remote client with 2 modem p2p 2Mbps up and 2 Mbps down symetric.I have audio but I don’t see myself and the others participants can’t see me. But I can see the meeting .My web camera is working and I am using firefox. Does anyone have any suggestions?

search on the forum for the many threads on using Jitsi on a local network. There is no magic on using an Internet software on a local network, you have to emulate ‘the’ Internet (it’s just a network of networks after all). So in the case of a Webrtc software like Jitsi, you have to use ‘valid’ certificates, so either painfully generate certificates on the ‘real’ Internet and transfer them regularly to your local network or just use self-signed certificates that you will have to force the browsers to accept; add the host name to the local Dns server or to the hosts files if you don’t have a local Dns server.
A modem connection don’t change anything, if it does not play well with Tcp (unlikely) it will never work, if it does it’s just another network so test your config locally without modem and when it works add the modem connection.

Thanks for your reply.I am searching but I can’t find anything similar to my problem so I decided to make this question.At the rest of the network works just fine. I thought maybe was the bandwidth between the modem,but is more than a regular adsl modem.Anyway thanks @gpatel-fr

Ah yes, I did not realize that’s 2 mbits/s in both directions, so you can’t hope much, an Adsl connection is usually at least 5Mbits/s in the down direction, usually much more.

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