Problem with the share screen and a powerpoint



Today i tried to create a visioconference with my boss on

The problem is when i tried to start a powerpoint and use the button “share your screen” to share my powerpoint on live, the video was block on the frst picture.
Last point, when i move my mouse on the ppt, we can see the mouse’s moving but the powerpoint don’t change when i switcyh the pictures.

Is it a problem from or is it me?

Ty for you’re time.


up pls i don’t understand y.


What OS are you using? Which browser is this? Have you tried changing browsers?
If you see the mouse is moving on the other side, then I suspect that this is a browser bug.


Hi ty for your respons.

My server is install on a debian 9.4,
I’m using firefox 60.1.0esr to create a room and to share my screen.

i didn’t try on google chrome because i can’t share my screen on chrome


After some tests i realise the share screen work fine on widows seven but not on windows 10.

PS : both computer have the same browser and the same version.


What chrome version u using? Update to latest chrome…


I did a lot of tests and i now i can precise the problem.

I’m using the latest version for Firefox and chrome.

When i’m using windows 7 both work fine.

When i use windows 10, Chrome work fine

but the problem is when i want to share my screen with an microsoft office aplication like word or powerpoint on Firefox.


in my opinion, don’t use firefox…a lot of issues plus no simulcast…use chrome!!



Are you sharing the whole screen or just the application window?
AFAIK the new office is using graphical memory to store office apps. So Chrome’s extension fails to capture. In my case i couldn’t see in the list of windows to share.
Sharing the full screen should work.

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