Problem with the live stream betwen Jitsi and Youtube

My live stream keeps stopping in the middle of the broadcast about an hour in.
With 50 minutes I have to stop the live and put the Youtube key again so I can be transmiting in the same Youtube video. Otherwise the video is automaticaly finished and my followers have to search for the new stream when I put it back online.

Im a basic user so I dont use codes, logs and stuff. I use just the normal way of livestream from Jitsi to Youtube.

Is this on There’s a time limit there on how long a session can last.

But the session is not the problem. The session is always online. I can make reunions with 4 or 5 hours long with no problem…
The problem is with the livestream with YouTube.
Last month I didnt have this problem. For a long time i’m making streams with 2 or 3 hours of duration but this problem keep happening this month and I dont know why.
I tried with diferents accounts, in diferents PCs and the stream is finished ALWAYS around 1h of broadcast on Youtube… but the reunion in Jitsi keeps running.
I dont know if it was some update from jitsi… really dont know…

@CMRO, I believe that’s what bbaldino was trying to tell you: on the free site, there’s a limit on how long your LIVE STREAMING session can last. The limit is not on how long a regular video conference can last, it’s specifically on live streaming. If you want to livestream without restrictions, you might want to consider spinning your own server (or perhaps getting on the very cheap 8x8 plan - not certain but I suspect this would have no restrictions either).

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Oh, thanks. Now I get it.
But since I started using Jitsi for livestream, I never had this problem… its new. Thats why it seems strange to me that now its blocked for 1h with no warning from the site.

Sorry for my stupid question from a basic user, but how can I make my own server, like you said?
And with the 8x8 plan, I cant find this information… dont know if it will suport more than 1h in youtube.

8x8 does not have restrictions for the duration of the recordings, this is only on

Its here, right?
its says 0,99 per user. So I am the only user and my guests are just guests or everybody in the reunion must be a pro user, paying 0,99 too?

Just the pro can start the recording everyone else are guests.

Thank you for your help.

Btw, since you are already chatting with me, can I ask you something off the topic?
Is there any way that I can organize all the windows in the reunion?
I’d like to be in the middle and have a particular person on my left and another in my right but it seems random. Each time i am in a diferent position.
And does the 8x8 meet pro allow me to do this?

Nope. Normally 8x8 and are same versions, but 8x8 has some more backend stuff and authentication which is a requirement for some features