Problem with the camera in Android app

Hi, friends!
I hope I’m consulting in the right place.
If not, I apologize and pray someone can tell me where to do it.

I’ve been using Jitsi’s app on my Android phone for several months now and it always looked like this…

But, since this morning the image looks like this (the camera is located in the exact same place) …

Can someone help me find out what happened?
Is it something I could have changed on my cell phone without realizing it?

How can it be solved?
I use Jitsi to broadcast my classes and it’s very important that I can get the full picture.

This problem is of extreme urgency for me, I hope someone can help me.
Thank you very much in advance.

(I don’t speak English, so I used a translator)

Are you sure it is not transmitted as it used to be? I see in the small local video it is the same as before, its just the local presentation is different …
@saghul Did we change some aspect ratio for one on stage for mobile?

We changed the resolution to 360p with the latest update, yes. Typically you’ll get 640x360, so same aspect ratio, but some devices don’t support it and use 480x360 instead, resulting in a “zoomed” image.

Thanks for the quick answers.

I tried to broadcast on Youtube, to see how the image looks and looks exactly like on the mobile.

I don’t know what the intention was in making that change to 360p in the update, but in my case it really means a change for the worse, so much so that I may have to find another way to broadcast my classes … and I’d really prefer to stick with Jitsi.

Is there any chance that you can go back to the previous resolution?

I’d really appreciate your help.

The classes I give are exercises for health, and they are completely free, thought for those people who because of the quarantine are locked up and without work.

I really hope that a new update in Jitsi’s master will solve the problem.