Problem with sound-output via bluetooth

Hey there,

I am using Jitsi Desktop on a iMac, MacOS 10.14.6, and use it as a VOIP-telephone via a fritzbox.
The problem is, that the sound-output via bluetooth-headset has a delay of around 25 seconds.
MacOS recognizes the headset flawlessly without delay.
Switched to internal speaker in the jitsi app, everything works fine, but switched to the bluetooth headset i have that delay. Tested with two headsets (a cheap generic one and a aeropex).

Are there any suggestions to solve this?

Thank you,


Hi Lars,

If you wanted to share, I would be very interested in how you configured Jitsi with your VOIP-telephone via your Fritz!box modem.

In regards to your question, I had great issues with Wifi and bluetooth devices. I never was able to work out if this was because of interference in Wifi and bluetooth radio, or whether it was hardware or a driver issue.
Any chance your iMac is using Wifi? or is the iMac wired to the LAN ?

Hi GeorgeJitsi,

thank you for answer. Yes, the mac is using Wifi. But i don’t think that this is the problem, i have never had any kind of issues with bluetooth devices and Wifi, neither at office nor at home.
I tried another SIP-App named Telephone and there is no delay, so I think it’s a problem only in jitsi Desktop.

To your first Question:
I searched a lot for the right way to configure it and found the following instructions, that worked just fine (except for the delay).

  • First I added the iMac as a telephon in the Fritz!box UI. To do that I followed this instructions. It’s german and from 2011, but worked for me.
  • Then i connected jitsi with this instruction. Beware that this is an instruction to make telephonecalls with your phone at home from anywhere over the internet. So if you want to use your mac as a telephone, please see the two attached pictures:

    (The second picture comes in a second post, i’m yet only allowed one per post)

Note: When you add the new SIP-account, you have to click on “advanced” on the bottom left, otherwise you can’t manually enter the “Registrar” as shown in my second picture.

The rest of the instruction is basically the same.

So I hope this helps you, especially because of my poor english.

Second picture:

Thank you for the Fritz!box information. I hope to try this out later.
Let’s hope someone with more SIP knowledge can help you.