Problem with sharing screen a second time

I am new on Jitsi. We had just an online meeting and we had a problem with sharing our screen. I and another participant were only able to share our screens once. Each of us tried it a second time later in the same meeting, but it did not work a second time. I got the message that I am sharing now my screen, but the others could not see my screen the second time.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a way to solve this problem?

Anyone any thoughts on the problem? Or anyone who has the same problem?

I use Chrome as web browser and it happens on

Just tried this in Firefox Nightly and found that I once I had finished sharing a document/screen, if I clicked on the share screen icon again I would get the video feed back and if I click it again I can share another screen perfectly well.
Don’t know if that is a workaround for your problem or indeed the way it is supposed to be done.