Problem with "Secure Domain setup"

my Jitsi Server runs fine all the time, and now i try to secure it with the tutorial from the jitsi meet handbook

as result my Server gives my a blank grey side, with no option to enter a username or password.
Ánd i dont have a idea where to error is (i now in front of the monitor … :wink: )
Please can you give me a tip.
Thank you.

this can only come from the config.js host configuration, you may have forgotten the comma at the end of this:

anonymousdomain: '',

or some other error.

@gpatel-fr Thank you
yes i missed the comma at the end.
now the jitsi-meeting starts again, but there are no name or password question ??

Then you missed something else… Most probably in the prosody config. The secure domain setup is a checklist, it’s definitely not as easy as the default anonymous setup where all is automatic… But if you follow everything and double check each item it will work.

Thanks, again.
I will search and try my best…

@Peter_von_Dort If you have installed jitsi from stable version. Below commands/script will help in setting up the secure domain. You just have to set your domain name and run these.

sudo sed -i ‘s/authentication = “anonymous”/authentication = “internal_plain”/’ “$PROSODY_FILE”
sudo sed -i “/VirtualHost “auth.$MY_DOMAIN_NAME”/i VirtualHost “guest.$MY_DOMAIN_NAME”\n\tauthentication = “anonymous”\n\tc2s_require_encryption = false\n” “$PROSODY_FILE”


sudo sed -i “s/.*anonymousdomain.*/\tanonymousdomain: ‘guest.$MY_DOMAIN_NAME’,/” /etc/jitsi/meet/*js $JITSI_MEET_CONFIG

echo “org.jitsi.jicofo.auth.URL=XMPP:$MY_DOMAIN_NAME” | sudo tee -a /etc/jitsi/jicofo/ > /dev/null
echo “An Account needs to be configured in prosody…”
echo “This account will be used by the host to join a meeting…”

echo -n "Choose an account name: "
read -r username
echo -n "Choose password for $username: "

while true; do
    read -N 1 -s character
    [ "${character}" == $'\n' ] && break
    echo -n "*" >&2

echo “Registering $username in prosody now…”
sudo prosodyctl register “$username” “$MY_DOMAIN_NAME” “$password”
echo “Registered $username…Use this for starting a meeting…”

Let me know if you still have issues.

Thanks, for your answer.
I double checked the tutorial.but with not the right result.
when i found a littly time, i will try it with your ideas…
and give a response