Problem with secure domain setup


I successfully got Jitsi-meet set up on my server, Debian 10 following instructions here

I then attempted to use secure domain (honestly, not sure how anyone would NOT do that if server is public facing), and it did not work. I followed the instructions on github as linked from quickstart guide.

Initially the problem was the conference just started anyway, except not quite working correctly (no video, unresponsive elements). There was no place to log in.

The current instructions say to, in the lua.cfg, change authentication = “internal_hashed”. That’s what I tried first. Then searching around I found it mentioned it should be “internal_plain”. So I tried that.

Much better! I get a partially greyed out self-video view and a login panel! But it will not accept my credentials. It suggests to enter a username @ domain. I created my user’s prosody name with just a name, not user@domain. I tried just my username (as created with prosodyctl register) and password then I tried username@my.actualdomain.tld which also did not work.

So close! Any suggestions? Thank you.

Ok… Well, I think restarting something was required… prosody I suppose. It doesn’t seem like one would need to restart it for it to acknowledge a new user but maybe that is the case.

I changed the cfg.lua back to internal_hashed, rebooted, then was able to authenticate to jitsi-meet with the username @ the fqdn (me@meet.myserver.tld) and the password.