Problem With Random Meet Names

Hi, I’m a big fan of Jitsi but have run into issues when using it for business meetings.

The randomly generated four words used as the meeting name are sometimes unacceptable for business purposes. Sure, they are never offensive, but they are unprofessional and sometimes quite grating. When setting up a meeting with a potential customer I often have to wait for several minutes while the random words are updated and I end up with something acceptable.

My suggestion is that users should be able to choose either the four word name, or a random character string.

I understand completely that the four word name is easier to remember, but is problematic for business purposes. When sending invites by email the memorability factor is entirely irrelevant.

Not sure if this suggestion will get implemented, but this sort of thing can be holding back the entire project from more mainstream adoption.

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You can indeed choose a roomname of your liking, you don’t have to accept the randomly-generated names. Type in any name of your choice in the box, it overrides the auto roomname generation. Just make sure the name you choose is unique so you don’t run the risk of someone else already using the name or someone using the name after you and mistakenly landing in your meeting.

Happy Jitsi-ing! :smiley:

Well there you go, even as a long time user I didn’t realise that was possible.

There is a small problem with it. There’s no way of knowing if the chosen name is unique or not, since the same interface is used to create a meeting as is used to join a meeting.

There is a little warning about how it may be unsafe but that doesn’t suggest whether it is unique.

Probably the only way to be confident about it is to use an online GUID generator and paste the GUID into the box.

Yup. This is what I do and recommend. :blush:

You could manually add on /RANDOM_ID/aNiceProfessionalName. That way the room will be unique but the URL and default title in the room will still look relevant.

Example: Jitsi Meet

If you need this often, it should be relatively simple to create a script/app to automate that.

As an alternative you may create your invite links on

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If nobody unexpected is in the room with you, then you know it’s unique at that moment in time. Whether it will stay unique for the duration of your call depends on the chance of someone else picking the same room name - which comes down to the entropy in your chosen room name (basically length and complexity). You can always enable a meeting password or the lobby, both of which will keep unwanted guests out regardless of how guessable your room name is.