Problem with multi-window (follow-me activated) conference and YouTube streaming


We’ve been using the excellent meet service for our EV community’s weekly podcast on YouTube for some time now. On yesterday’s show, the stream would go out to YouTube in a somewhat buggy way, one of the guests would be always half-hidden when using the “follow me” mode.

Any ideas?

Here’s a link to the latest episode:

And here’s the relevant screenshot that demonstrates the problem:

There’s an issue that has been identified on the meet interface. It’s on the menu to be worked on.

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Thanx for coming back. Looks like something is bugged with the multiplexer. We were struggling last night to find a way to get the stream out, so Evans had to sit a bit offset to be able to deal with it.

I don’t understand. What should I provide as a detailed description and where?

This had been fixed, still it is not deployed on, but soon it will be.
You can workaround for the time being by adding one more participant at the end or something like that.