Problem with links created for meetings (they never expire)

Hello everyone, when a meeting is created and the link is generated, the room always remains open, the link never expires and anyone can enter again with the same link, when entering, the users who were in the meeting are seen.

How I can avoid this?
How can I get the meeting to be deleted when the moderator leaves (whoever I create).

thanks! and greetings.

A room only exists after the first person joins. Likewise, meetings are only deleted after the last person leaves.

Also consider:

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I understand what you are saying, but why is it that when entering the same link, the people who have already left the room continue to appear and even so the chat continues? According to what you say, the room should be closed as there is no participant, but when entering again, continue with the users (offline) and the chat.

@Camilo_Pimentel which version of prosody do you use? Is that 0.10? If yes, update your prosody to 0.11. This is a common problem people reported with the old prosody.

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is it necessary to remove the previous version? and if necessary, how can I eliminate it?

root@jitsi:~# apt list -a prosody
Listing... Done
prosody/unknown,now 0.11.7-1~bionic4 amd64 [installed]
prosody/bionic 0.10.0-1build1 amd64

No. That’s okay. Only 0.11.7 is active.

Look at the prosody.log when it starts up. It will say what version is running as one of the first messages.

Hello and welcome to Prosody version 0.11.x

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