Problem with disabling screen sharing in p2p mode

After disabling the screen sharing in p2p mode remote user sees the Connection Lost in participant status
Screen sharing should be started with a disabled camera.

How to reproduce:
User A and User B in conference with disabled cameras
User A starts a screen sharing
User B sees the remote screen

User A stops screen sharing
User B sees the avatar of user A and connection status Lost (and also SS icon on User A preview)

The audio is OK after SS stop

Ping @jallamsetty

Just a data point, I tired the repro steps on latest macOS (12.3.1) with latest Chrome stable (100.0.4896.75) on and I wasn’t able to repro the issue. Maybe it’s OS or Chrome version dependent.

We were able to repro yesterday, but it depends who is the initiator of the p2p, so it is not always reproducible. @jallamsetty created a PR with possible fix.

@Alex_Soloviov , thanks for the report! This issue has been fixed in the master.

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@jallamsetty Thank you so much for the quick fix))