Problem with camera switching jitsi meet in dev server

I tried to switch between the “internal” camera and “external” camera, but it won’t change and keep streaming video from the internal camera.
After investigation, I found that the options that pass to “RTC.obtainAudioAndVideoPermissions(options)” have the selected deviceId but the response tracks have old ones.
moreover, the same issue occurred in “

is there any way to solve this issue ?

Hi @damencho
I noticed that the .“” is working fine but in “” not working and I noticed that this line has messing in an alpha version.

Alpha is working just fine here.

Why do you think so?

So first of all you cannot use it with dev serve as it uses cdn and will always download app bundle from cdn and will not use your local copy.

I mean I tested the scenario " swipe between cameras after joining to room " in both server ‘alpha’ and ‘’ and it’s working fine in meet.jit.ji but not working in alpha.
and by the way, the development mode using alpha server.

Not able to repro with my two cameras when using alpha directly or using it through the webapck dev server on localhost. I can always select and change the camera.

can we have a quick call?

Nope, sorry.

No problem
by the way, as I mentioned before I analyzed the console log for both servers and I noticed that the alpha server doesn’t have this line
“[features/base/redux] <Object.persistState>: redux state persisted. 823713241832f72232b5fc7f7d5296ee -> 5d9ad03862e5f0a111c7f09f59c4e567”