Problem when embedding Jitsi in Android App


Dear all,

I’m just starting to add Jitsi Meet to an app that I am currently developing. For now, I just followed the first steps that are explained in Github “Jitsi Meet SDK for Android”. I already added the Maven repository and the dependencies into my build.grade and everything “synced” correctly. I also added Java1.8 compatibility on the gradle.

When trying to use the API, I copied the code (that is given in Github) in the Activity in which I am trying to use JitsiMeet, but none of the methods of the JitsiMeetView that are used seem to exist.

Android Studio cannot resolve any of the following methods:


Nevertheless If I write down JitsiMeetView. , Android proposes many other methods, but not the ones that are needed.

I would appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you for your time.