Problem when change IP address

Hi all,
I install jitsi-meet with tutorial at link:
when jitsi-meet is installing, it request type hostname. I typed my IP address target, it works fine when i log: “https://ipadress”.
I want to change IP address of target, I loged to jitsi with new ip address https://newipaddress, that result: black screen after type room number.
Please help me!

The easiest fix is to uninstall as described in the guide and use the new address. You better use a dns so whenever you want to change you just change the dns record.

Hi damencho,
Thanks for your help.
I will try to it again.

Very helpful thread, I am a huge love of streaming, but many streaming sites are blocked in my region, so for that, I have to change my IP address, and to change IP address I use VPN service, VPN is the most easiest way to change or mask IP address. So what do you think about VPN?