Problem using Jigasi from Ubuntu package

jigasi.log (57.3 KB) (14.4 KB)

Here my new log and my current config from /etc/jitsi/jigasi/

Short update…i now understand how to use the encoding settings…i tested all codecs that our asterisk supprots (aLaw, uLaw, gsm, g722).
G722 → jigasi log failure as written above.

All other codecs seems to work fine. No warning, no errors, but no audio.
Only warning on asterisk side i get is “no sample for xxxx” (depends on which codec i use). But that shouldnt be a problem.

Still not working.
Set up a new Server. Ths time with Debian. Installed directly debian nightly package.
Standard configuration, just added doamin and SIP username, password and server.

get certifiacte error, just like the beginning.
Added “Always trust”, no difference…Great :-\

seems like i need to add our wildcard certificate to nginx to get rid of this error.
I can’t generate lets encrypt certs, because its just for inhouse use.

With my cert in nginx the errors are gone, but same problem as with ubuntu. No audio. With g722 warning like described.

I get a feeling with lets encrypt cets it might work…i just cant use my cert with prosody because it doesnt accept it, it needs the subdomain as an alias.

I might try with lets encrypt sometime…