Problem three or more partecipant

I’m desperate, days and days, despite having read all the discussions on the problem of the three and more participants, I followed the guide and advanced configuration suggest by @damencho, with no luck
following the scenario:

js console



jvb log

jicofo log



You can see in SetRemoteDescription image that jvb is advertising only your internal address. So jvb does not have the private and public address settings.

Thanks a lot @damencho, I solved it by port forwarding the interval
Ports udp 10000-2000 from public address to private address

You can forward only 10000

Where exactly do you see that the wrong IP address is advertised in that screenshot? I see that there are 4 candidates, and candidates 2 and 4 do have the public ip, don’t they? Or am I looking at the wrong place?
That said, if the local addresses shouldn’t be there at all: how to get rid of those? I already set

but that does not get rid of my private address in those advertisements.


The private address should be there, there is no option at the moment to get rid of it … So if jvb is facing internal network internal network users will use the private address to connect to.

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ok thk you.

hello @damencho … Please help me… i’m facing analog problem…
With more than 2 partecipants, video is not visible , and action button (to mute audio/video) for others participants not working…
i’ll attach

  • a screenshot of video (not displayed)
  • jvb.log
  • jicofo.log

What am i doing wrong on my installation ? (DEBIAN server) on Digital Ocean
please help me

thanks in advance

jicofo.log (15.5 KB)
jvb.log (1010.6 KB)