Problem on Self Hosted Compile from Source on RHEL variant and Apache httpd

I am trying to setup a self hosted Jitsi-Meet server on RHEL variant with Apache httpd with wildcard SSL cert (I hide my original domain with *
Browser F12 (Developer mode) only visible problem is

2021-12-10T02:22:06.577Z [modules/xmpp/strophe.util.js] <t.a/r.Strophe.log>:  Strophe: Server did not yet offer a supported authentication mechanism. Sending a blank poll request.

also the main problem is by using 3 different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) to join same meeting, but only see myself in each browser, and also the chat is not working (after type in does not echo back what is being typed)
I also found somethings weird, if I follow manual installation guide (Self-Hosting Guide - Manual installation · Jitsi Meet Handbook), c2s_require_encryption to false, it will looping forever with “somethings went wrong”.
I also purposely disable the p2p connection by setting the p2p enabled to false.


  • Oracle Linux 8.4 (64-bit)
  • Prosody 0.11.10-1 (install from dnf)
  • Apache HTTPD 2.4.46 (compiled from source)
  • RedHat OpenJDK 11.0.9
  • JVB jitsi-videobridge-stable-jitsi-meet_6689.tar.gz (compiled from source)
  • Jicofo jicofo-stable-jitsi-meet_6689.tar.gz (compiled from source)
  • Jitsi Meet jitsi-meet-stable-jitsi-meet_6689.tar.gz (compiled from source)

Here are my config:


VirtualHost ""
  authentication = "anonymous"
  ssl = {
    key = "/appl/ssl/key/";
    certificate = "/appl/ssl/crt/";
  modules_enabled = {
  c2s_require_encryption = true

VirtualHost ""
  ssl = {
    key = "/appl/ssl/key/";
    certificate = "/appl/ssl/crt/";
  authentication = "internal_hashed"

admins = { "" }

Component "" "muc"
Component ""
  component_secret = "Admin123"
Component ""
  component_secret = "Admin123"
[root@jitsi prosody]# ls -l /etc/pki/prosody/
total 24
-rw-r-----. 1 root prosody 1895 Aug  3 17:53 GNUmakefile
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      40 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/crt/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      54 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/key/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      40 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/crt/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      54 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/key/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      40 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/crt/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      54 Dec 10 12:37 -> /appl/ssl/key/
-rw-r-----. 1 root prosody  607 Aug  3 17:53 localhost.cnf
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root    2155 Dec 10 12:37 localhost.crt
-rw-r-----. 1 root prosody 3247 Dec 10 12:37 localhost.key
-rw-r-----. 1 root prosody  719 Aug  3 17:53 makefile
-rw-r-----. 1 root prosody 1584 Aug  3 17:53 openssl.cnf

Jitsi Conference Focus:

disable-certificate-verification = true

Apache httpd:

var config = {
    hosts: {
        domain: '',
        focus: '',
        muc: '',
        bridge: ''

    bosh: '',
    focusUserJid: '',

    enableNoAudioDetection: true,
    enableNoisyMicDetection: true,

    channelLastN: -1,

    enableWelcomePage: true,

    p2p: {
        enabled: false,

        stunServers: [
            { urls: '' }

    mouseMoveCallbackInterval: 1000,

    makeJsonParserHappy: 'even if last key had a trailing comma'

Virtual Host config:

<Directory /appl/htdocs/>
  Options Indexes MultiViews Includes FollowSymLinks
  AddOutputFilter Includes html
  AllowOverride None
  Require all granted

<VirtualHost *:80>
  LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-agent}i\""
  CustomLog "/appl/weblogs/" combined
  ErrorLog "/appl/weblogs/"
  DocumentRoot "/appl/htdocs/"

  <LocationMatch "^/(?!.well-known)">
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
    RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

<VirtualHost *:443>
  LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-agent}i\""
  CustomLog "/appl/weblogs/" combined
  ErrorLog "/appl/weblogs/"
  DocumentRoot "/appl/htdocs/"

  SSLEngine on
  SSLCertificateFile /appl/ssl/crt/
  SSLCertificateKeyFile /appl/ssl/key/
  SSLCertificateChainFile "/appl/ssl/crt/"

  SSLProtocol -ALL +TLSv1.2
  SSLCipherSuite HIGH:!aNULL:!eNULL:!EXP:!LOW:!MD5:!RC4:!SHA1:!DH
  SSLHonorCipherOrder on
  SSLInsecureRenegotiation off
  SSLVerifyDepth 3
  SSLOptions +StrictRequire +ExportCertData +StdEnvVars
  AddType application/wasm .wasm

  <Location />
    SSLRenegBufferSize 104857600
  Alias "/config.js" "/appl/htdocs/"
  Alias "/external_api.js" "/appl/htdocs/"
  ProxyPreserveHost on
  ProxyPass        /http-bind http://localhost:5280/http-bind
  ProxyPassReverse /http-bind http://localhost:5280/http-bind
  ProxyPass        /xmpp-websocket ws://localhost:5280/xmpp-websocket
  ProxyPassReverse /xmpp-websocket ws://localhost:5280/xmpp-websocket
  ProxyPass        /colibri-ws/default-id ws://localhost:9090/colibri-ws/default-id
  ProxyPassReverse /colibri-ws/default-id ws://localhost:9090/colibri-ws/default-id
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteRule ^/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ /index.html

  <IfModule mod_deflate.c>
    SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

    BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html
    BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip
    BrowserMatch \bMSIE !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html

    DeflateFilterNote Input instr
    DeflateFilterNote Output outstr
    DeflateFilterNote Ratio ratio

    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/x-shellscript
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/json

    LogFormat "\"%r\" %{outstr}n/%{instr}n (%{ratio}n) \"%{User-agent}i\"" deflate
    CustomLog "/appl/weblogs/" deflate