Problem on recorading Jibri

Hi, I’m trying to configure Jibri to make recordings on my Jitsi server, I’ve tried everything! I followed several tutorials on youtube and here on the forum, but without success. If you can help me I would be immensely grateful. Thanks in advance

jibri.conf: jibri { // A unique identifier for this Jibri // TODO: eventually this wil -
log Jibri: 2022-01-12 20:41:46.833 INFO: [1] MainKt.handleCommandLineArgs#185: Jibri run wi -

Can you share jicofo.conf?

Yes, I can

jicofo.conf: jicofo.conf - -

  • There shouldn’t be a sip-communicator file in the new setup. Did you add it manually? Is this an old setup?
  • What is your jitsi and jibri versions?
  • Are jitsi and jibri on the same server?
  • What is your distro?
  • What is happening when you try to start recording?
  • No, the file already existed when I changed it, just kept as last two
  • How do I check the version of my jitsi and my jibri?
  • No, are separated
  • Both in jitsi and jibri is ubuntu 20.04
  • A popup appears saying Recording unavailable (It appears instantly when I start recording)

Then you have an old version of jitsi. This may cause some issues if you run the latest stable jibri with an older version of jitsi

dpkg -l "jitsi-*"
dpkg -l jibri
dpkg -l "prosody*"
dpkg -l jicofo

Are you sure TCP/5222 of JMS is accessible for jibri?

jitsi: jitsi-version — ImgBB
jibri: jibri-version — ImgBB

prosody: prosody-version — ImgBB
jicofo: jicofo-version — ImgBB

You can release as ports in jitsi server firewall Yes!
5222/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
5222/tcp (v6) ALLOW anywhere (v6)

All versions seem OK

Check the TCP/5222 accessibility using the following commands on jibri as root

apt-get install curl
curl --http0.9 http://jms-fqdn:5222

I received this return, did I use the command correctly?

root@recorder:~# curl --http0.9

Sorry for my ignorance, I started messing with linux a few weeks ago.

Yes, it’s correct and TCP/5222 is accessible

Any idea what could be wrong with my implementation? I’m already losing my mind hahaha

Did you check this topic?

Yes, I already checked this topic and I checked all the items, but I didn’t get success.

I have a question, do I need to set some public domain for my jibri, or just for jitsi?

jibri acts like a client. So no need a domain for jibri

If one recorder is OK for you, you can try this installer

I got it, thanks

I was doing some tests here and the log.0.txt changed, now it’s returning this: log.0.txt(1) -