Problem of configuration(?) and connexion with Jitsi


Hey Everyone.

I’m totaly new with Jitsi, so sorry if my problem is quite “simple/stupid”… But I tried to follow some tutoriel and didn’t work… :confused: )

So, after the installation, I start to create a new account, I choose for the protocol XMPP, put a name and password. The application tell me to complet the server details, so I write in the server case: “” (like I saw in different -old- tutorials). I didn’t change the port (5222), and try to connect. But that don’t work, because the connexion failed.
I have tryed with the french server “”, but same issu.

Do you know where can be my mistake please?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hello. I can’t help you with XMPP as I have never used it but, unless you have a particular reason why you must use XMPP, I suggest you use a SIP account instead and you will find Jitsi works well.

You can get a free SIP account from IPPI in France. I have had one for years and it is very reliable.