Problem live stream stopped to work on youtube

I was doing a live meet jitsi to youtube stream. Jitsi has a limit of one hour in the basic plan. So to continue to do the live every time I have to enter in youtube and create a live and copy the key on the jitsi menu and start the live. Twice it went well, the third time on jitsi the live broadcast started, but on youtube no. On jitsi i see live stream on but on youtube the stream not start. Is it a problem of youtube, dailylimit to create live, or reject for some reason? Or is it a problem of jitsi?

I’ve never heard that there is a 1hr limitation. Is recommend you host your own server madam it should reduce your hassle and slums speed up times in the server. Also jitsi is free. There is also 8x8 meet which is jitsi based but is paid.

This may have been an issue on jitsi’s side. It thought a jibri server was open then it tries to take it and the other user gets it first so the bug comes. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong

There is a limit of 1 hour on for recordings/live streams. There’s no daily limit for users, though. @Elis_Sc did you see the light go green in the youtube studio? Did it say it was receiving data?

Is the limit set by Jitsi ? or Youtube ?
Is there a way to increase the limit to 2 or 3 hours max ?

This is limit per deployment, and for is set to 1 hour. On your own deployment by default there is no limit.