Problem integrating jitsi on my website using iframe api

I have successfully integrated jitsi locally (localhost) using the iframe api on my website, everything works correctly and I can make video calls, but when I try to make a video call from my website in production, which I have on my own VPS server, this does not work.
Showing the page activates the microphone and the camera correctly, for a moment the video is displayed on my website, but after a few seconds it shows the message “unfortunately, something went wrong. we’re trying to fix this. Reconnecting ”and it never works. Does anyone know why this could be?
My website has SSL certificate, I am using Chrome browser.
I share console images with errors

Check jicofo logs in /var/log/jitsi, seems jicofo is not connected to the xmpp server.

hi damencho, i have not installed jitsi on my server, as I was saying, I am using the jitsi api that is documented here:

therefore I do not have access to review those logs that you tell me, it is a problem that I saw that happened to others who had installed jitsi on their server, but it is not my case

Hi @henry16!
Did you manage to solve the problem?