Problem installing prosody module

I want to install prosody module mod_muc_max_occupants.lua, to manage limit users per room.
Link to module:

Here what i do:

  1. Copy file to /usr/lib/prosody/modules/mod_muc_max_occupants.lua
  2. edit /etc/prosody/conf.d/jitsi.mycompany.cfg.lua

Component “” “muc”
storage = “none”
–modules_enabled = { “token_verification” }
modules_enabled = {
3) systemctrl restart prosody

aaaaaand nothing happens, service loads with no error, but i dont see any buttons \ etc in my conference.

What buttons do you expect?

Any GUI setting to limit users in room. Because i didnt find this setting in config.
In discription of module it says “-- Configuring muc_max_occupants will set a limit of the maximum number”, but where should i set this “muc_max_occupants”?

Thanks a lot

@damencho Hello! Somehow I have the same problem with configuring that module. It feels incredibly awkward since I looked through any community post on this topic I could find. Can you please suggest anything? Prosody config, .log and .err log files are attached. prosody.err.txt (406.1 KB) (3.0 KB) prosody.log on GDrive

Has anyone managed to resolve this? I am having the same problem, no errors in /var/log/prosody/prosody.err mentioning the module did not load, it just seems that it has no effect and more participants than my limit of 3 can connect.

Relevent parts of my /etc/prosody/conf.d/ file are below:

plugin_paths = { "/usr/share/jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins/" }
muc_max_occupants = 3
Component "" "muc"
    storage = "none"
    modules_enabled = {
        -- "token_verification";
    admins = { "" }
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true

Any further suggestions?


@GKevinGodwin610 Hi! I finnaly managed to figure out how to get this module working. It appears the thing was Prosody version. After I switch from 0.10 to 0.11 I had this module working just fine.