Problem entering Jitsi conference 2020-04-20

A couple of users who usually manage to login to a regularly scheduled conference yesterday (7PM UK time) had difficulty properly entering the conference. We could see they had arrived, but we couldn’t heaa or see them, even when their mic and video was on. Also, their name usually appears when they arrive but that was absent, so it was not possible to identify who they were.

What might have been the problem? Any suggestions? It was on the default Jitsi server.

I also had difficulty connecting to a call 2020-04-20 at 13:00 EDT (UTC - 4:00) and someone reported to me today 2020-04-21 circa 10:00 EDT that they were unable to connect through and had to use Zoom instead.

If I am not mistaken, the Jitsi servers should only be involved in the connection set-up. Once the peers are connected the servers should no longer be involved. Nonetheless, I imagine there is a huge increase in traffic over the past few weeks and perhaps the servers are having difficulty keeping up.

Would appreciate feedback from the sys admins.


We had identified an issue with few of the shards, but that should be fixed now.