Problem connecting more than 2 users

Good afternoon I have the latest version of jitsi installed on debian 9. the problem I have is that when I am in a conference with two users the system works well, but if you add one more they stop seeing and listening to each other

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I have the same problema. I think that with two users you are yn p2p mode and when third user arrives it switches to videobridge.

Check the advanced section from quick install guide. Firewall, port forwarding or private & public jvb addresses setting.

I also have the same issue, could not find the solution.

Please help

Maybe this helps:

I was struggeling too. Damencho finally gave me the idea - speaking about the public adresses in the jvb.
so, this is my setting of the JVB (ubuntu 18.04 LTS, nginx):

I don’t have an internal ip-adress, because its a dedicated server. So, putting the public IP to the “HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADRESS” too did the trick (and not as I saw in varios postings).

Hello, I am facing issue in connecting the meeting for more than two users. When there is two users it works everything fine. But when the third user join or more. Then No one able to listen or view others. How to sort out his issue.

Check your firewall. Make sure all required ports are open and accessible. Check port 10000/UDP especially - make sure it’s open and properly forwarded if behind a NAT.

Yes all ports are open, I am getting videobridge related warnings

What warnings are you getting? Are you behind a NAT?

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How to know i am behind the NAT ?

Why this error is coming