Problem connecting more than 2 users

Good afternoon I have the latest version of jitsi installed on debian 9. the problem I have is that when I am in a conference with two users the system works well, but if you add one more they stop seeing and listening to each other

I have the same problema. I think that with two users you are yn p2p mode and when third user arrives it switches to videobridge.

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Check the advanced section from quick install guide. Firewall, port forwarding or private & public jvb addresses setting.

I also have the same issue, could not find the solution.

Please help

Maybe this helps:

I was struggeling too. Damencho finally gave me the idea - speaking about the public adresses in the jvb.
so, this is my setting of the JVB (ubuntu 18.04 LTS, nginx):

I don’t have an internal ip-adress, because its a dedicated server. So, putting the public IP to the “HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADRESS” too did the trick (and not as I saw in varios postings).