Problem bad resize on web mobile (iframe) in preview page when keyboard open


I’ve got a problem on mobile (iframe use) phone on the preview page :
1/ Page without keyboard open is correct in term of size
2/ When I clic on the “username” field, the virtual keyboard of the phone open and all the page is badly resized
(Please find screenshots)

We had already customiuze the CSS but didn’t find things about this.
Is anybody can help me to solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot

We have fixed this recently in master: fix(prejoin) Fix layout on reduced height · jitsi/jitsi-meet@26f21e5 · GitHub

Thanks saghul fr your reply,

But I only have file “all.css” and not “css/premeeting/_premeeting-screens.scss” file in my folders .
Can you tell me where I can change this CSS parameter please ?

With many thanks

I found in the all.css this part :
@media (max-height: 420px) {
.premeeting-screen {
/* flex-direction: row; */
.premeeting-screen div.content {
padding: 16px 16px 0 16px;
.premeeting-screen .con-status {
display: none;

but no effect when I comment ‘flex-direction: row;’

Did you make sure to flush your cache? That file is usually cached.

Yes I flushed the cache on the mobile phone…

And it’s happen only on chrome browser on mobile phone (not on firefox for example)

@horymury any idea?

It seems that the problem is solved when I completly comment all this bloc…

@vbrach I tried to repro your issue today on a MI MIX phone but without much success - in my case removing flex-direction: row would fix it by aligning everything vertically. Think you could post a minimalistic example with an iframe integration which reproduces it, also could you specify the exact device you’re having this issue on?

Thank you.

Hello horymury,

The device is a honor X8.

I fixed the problem by comment all this block as explained above.

I’ve committed a fix which consists in not rendering filmstrip at all when in prejoin/lobby. This should be testable in a bit on, and deployed with the next release.