Problem - Audio problem with iphone

Hi I have problem in audio , web chrome vs iphone

The current jitsi instances :
Jitsi Production
prosody Version: 0.10.0-1build1
jicofo Version: 1.0-692-hf-1
jitsi-videobridge2 Version: 2.1-416-g2f43d1b4-1

when web participant talks, iphone user can’t listen (the iphone used is random, sometimes iphone 8 cant hear, sometimes iphone 7 cant hear, etc) . Also sometimes web participant cant hear the iphone user talks. For android user and web, all works fine.

I try the new version to see if the problem solved, but the problem still exist.
Jitsi New Instances
prosody Version: 0.10.0-1build1
jicofo Version: 1.0-756-1
jitsi-videobridge2 Version: 2.1-508-gb24f756c-1

Could you help point us to the problem ? For your attention and time, I say thanks. The logs i will attach in the below because the log is very long and make me fail to submit the thread…

In the new jitsi instances log I saw :
jvb log :
EndpointMessageTransport.endpointMessage#534: Unable to find endpoint to send EndpointMessage to: 65d03767
MergingDatagramSocket.doRemove#349: Removing the active socket. Won’t be able to send until a new one is elected.
Endpoints were suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=5000 bps): 88595e45

Is this a problem ?

For the old Jitsi, i will attach the log later, because I am seeking the date of the error occurence,

This is too old. Update your prosody. You need version 0.11+.

Thank you, today we will update the prosody, hopefully the problem go away…

And for the log in old instance Jitsi , I found

RTT suspiciously high (1813ms), capping to 1000ms

Maybe it is also related with prosody and bandwidth, what do you think ?
I am sorry to bother you, do you know the best way of config for handling client with low bandwidth ?

For your attention and time, I say thanks.