Problem "Allow" Microphone & Camera in Desktop Site in Firefox(Android)

The Tab hides automatically and flash for a while where it ask to share MicroPhone and Camera. I have test it on Android Firefox enabling Desktop Site because sometimes users face problem in connecting Camera or Microphone in app and sometimes in Chrome so Firefox needs to be supported in that case.
Please refer this video

Tested on all Mobile Devices.
It starts showing this problem from last 2 weeks, since the icons(toolbar- hangup mute and cam) has been changed and Tile View Options has been taken into Menu. Before it was working fine.

Jwt TOKEN - enabled. FireFox 66.0

Do you see same on desktop?

NO @damencho . Only Mobile devices. I have updated through Software update too as some updates were showing there but all in vain.

It was a time when every mobile device that has chrome may failed to connect Camera/Microphone but there was an alternative browser available i.e. Firefox…in more than 90% cases when chrome failed to support the Camera and Microphone, Firefox worked!

how can I get back to old version? As I am able to see the latest Changes in Log, it has been mentioned there “* feat(ScreenObtainer): add getDisplayMedia support for Firefox”

jitsi-meet 3216


  • Upgraded Strophe to 1.2.16

  • feat(JitsiDTMFManager) add missing export

  • feat(ScreenObtainer): add getDisplayMedia support for Firefox

This is a change about desktop sharing.

oooh k…i thought it is something related to getusermedia

So in recent versions, have you stopped support for mobile browsers and especially Firefox?

We do not have usecase for mobile browsers, other than showing the deep-linking page to forward users to the mobile app. So we do not test this, our focus is on the mobile app. The only thing I can think of is that the only change recently is the browser versions.

That is very disappointed.
How can I revert the changes and browser versions?

Please help us solving with this problem.