Problem accessing colibri/stats through public IP address

Hi guys,

I’ve been running some shards with the latest stable docker version (5963) and I’m unable to access the colibri/stats through the jvb public IP address.

My setup: one server with web + jicofo + prosody containers and a number of separate standalone jvb containers in which I can access the private colibri/stats url (http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats), but I can’t access it through the public IP address.

I’ve tried adding the following lines in /jvb/rootfs/defaults/, removed config files, ran the containers again, but it had no effect.

All the necessary ports are opened and/or exposed, I think. Can one of you guys shed some light in this?

Thank you very much.

The jetty lines are correct. Probably you have a missing NAT rule or firewall issue.

Thank you for the suggestions, @emrah.

I’ve been trying to figure it out, but still no luck. There must be something missing regarding NAT, as you stated.

What values should I use here?

As the jvb containers run on standalone servers, I’ve put the private and public server IP address.
If I set the DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS on the .env file, those values are set to the public and private IP address of the main server, where the web + jicofo + prosody containers are.

Nothing of the above worked.

Is there any additional NAT rule I should be using?

The harvester lines are not related with colibri. Are you talking about a new issue?