Private chat message not triggering 'MESSAGE_RECEIVED' event

Hi, the problem is that when i set a listener for the

It is calling the listener if the message is send to all participants, but not triggering when i set a participant ID to send it privately.
I check the lib-jitsi-meet code and there it is recommended to use that function:

JitsiConference.prototype.sendMessage = function(
to = ‘’,
sendThroughVideobridge = false)

I tried to debug everything and it seems to trigger all required functions when there is a “to” parameter.
So the chain is like that:
JitsiConference.js file:

sendMessage() -> sendPrivateTextMessage() -> go to CharRoom.js file

CharRoom.js file:

-> sendPrivateMessage()

Is there something more specific which have to be done to “catch” private messages ?

NOTE: We are using our JITSI server and tokens

Hello everyone,

I have the same issue when trying to send p2p messages. Can someone tell if more configurations are needed?

Anyone ? Seems like its gonna be something like the _displayName with custom jitsi server and token where we have to decode the token and set his displayName before joining the user, but thats not documented anywhere.

It seems that MESSAGE_RECEIVED action is triggering only when we send message to all participants in conference. In case we need to send private message to any participant we need to listen for PRIVATE_MESSAGE_RECEIVED action. This action is triggering in such cases:‘Example message’, ‘’);