Private Chat - Interview Use Case

Jitsi private chat works very well for me on my own hosted instance.

However, I have a interview use case to support. So lets say, 3/4 interviewers and 1 interviewee are in the room. If the interviewers want to huddle and decide upon something which should remain private from interviewee, is there any other way than to type the message individually to rest of the interviewers? This is time-consuming as well as impractical in order to arrive at a consensus.

Is it simple enough to rejig the private chat to support the feature by perhaps simply changing the UI? Let the sender decide who all can receive the private message.

If I have to implement it myself, would I have to do it in Javascript in web-front end or do I have to implement it as a prosody module?

The most simple way to do that is use E2E encryption key. All the inteviewers when they want to huddle would enter the same key. Once the huddle is over just remove the key.

Thanks, I will give that a try but looks like its not pushed into stable branch yet. The E2E menu option does not show up in my Jitsi Meet.

Besides, it need browsers with Insertable Streams. So for anybody coming over Desktop / Laptop it would be fine I guess since it will need only latest versions of supported browsers, but I didnt find any info on whether it will work with Android / iOS clients. Any idea if it works with them too?

Yes works only with supported browsers.

The other option is to build your own application and use iframes.

Thanks again for your reply. At least the browser folks can take advantage of this for now.