Prevent users from being moderator when moderator leaves

I have a Jitsi meet installation for a school which in teachers are moderators, and students are not.
I am using JWT authentication and both students and teachers require the token to join.
The problem is, If the teacher leaves the class accidentaly or due to network problems, somebody else in the room will become the moderator of class, and i don’t want it to happen.
How can I stop jicofo from automatically assigning somebody else as moderator, even if room has no moderators?
Thanks in advance.

There is a prosody module where you can assign who is moderator and who is normal user.
You can also control Thier UI and hide all moderator UI from students when using Iframe api

Enable DISABLE_AUTO_OWNER in your /etc/jitsi/jicofo/


I think this will solve the problem but if you think a new installation, check jitsi-school-installer

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