Prevent user with same name entering the room - self hosted jitsi

I need to block a user which has same name entering to a Jitsi self hosted video conference room (if the room already has a similarly named user). Does Jitsi have a setting “prevent users with same name entering to a room?” Or other option could be gravatar email. Then also editing of these, email and username in Jitsi should be prevented.
And the motivation for this is to prevent same user entering multiple times to same room. I have Jitsi integrated in Drupal CMS, and now any user who have access to join, or the room creator, can join multiple times an create room full of similar users. Drupal already prevents similar named user accounts.

Nope there is no such option.

perhaps you could prevent users to log in Drupal simultaneously on same page?

Are you using iframe API with Jwt token?
I use similar case where users login from a user database in my custom application.

When a user logs in I issue them a Jwt token to join room. At same time I store jitsi I’d in database.
If same user logs in again I send endpoint message to old jitsi Id which will automatically logout user who joined earlier.

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