Prevent Toolbars and Information Pop-Up in Jitsi Meet

I would like to prevent remote events from causing the Information Pop-ups and Pushing the toolbars onto the screen so I can use the “clean” video on a large screen.
I can see in interface_config.js how to disable some of the causes, but I can’t find how to completely prevent it.
My intention would be to have this “clean” App run along-side the standard App for all other users.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, it seems to me you would need to build from the source at You can hide them with that config.js file and CSS but I guess it is not what you would want to achieve.

no, he doesn’t need to recompile, it’s just a setting to disable in interface_config.json

just remember to restart jitsi-meet service and that it will be overritten after an update

Exactly- You just need to edit interface_config.js.

Thankyou for your patience, I’m a live events guy trying to pivot to put food on the table, to say my coding rusty would be polite!
I’ve dug around in interface config.js and -config.js and had no luck finding the complete answer.
I’ve can see in developer tools that it all seems to sit under div class=“new-toolbox” but I’m not clear on how to prevent that being un-hidden be remote triggers like chat, hand-up etc. I don’t think I want to turn it off completely as I then can’t mute etc, but maybe that is ok as it’s only a presentation screen and I just do that in system preferences.

just diable notification/popup or how it’s named

(the whole COVID thing is getting old) I would like to disable notification/popup. I am now using the API, which is a lot better but I still can not hide “Participant Count” UI at the top or “Film Strip Button” to the side. I’ve tried CSS but it’s not working for me
#participants-count {
visibility: hidden;
Am I close?

there’s a parameter in interface-config.js

Could you please tell us what is this parameter’s name ? I can’t find it.

all depends on what you want to hide, you should read the file

I found them ! It wanted to disable in/out and « Moderator rights granted» messages. I set DISABLE_JOIN_LEAVE_NOTIFICATIONS and DISABLE_FOCUS_INDICATOR flags to true.

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