Prevent page reload on Network switch

Hi Team,

Whenever there is a change in the network (Network switch) we wanted to prevent the reloading of a Conference page.

for this we have set
enableForcedReload = false;
enableIceRestart = true;

according to this page should not reload right?
but its giving page will be reloaded in a 30-sec page.
how do we fix it?

Note: Why we are avoiding page refresh because on the safari browser every time it will ask for video and audio permission whenever there is a network switch so we wanted to prevent it.
which is an annoying user experience.

Please find the log file (29.0 KB)

Please do the needful.

You are getting item not found from the server, which means the bosh session had expired on the server side, 60secs or more had passed since the last time the server heard from the client, so it needs to reload.

You can switch to websockets and increase the interval, but the downside is in case of network failure you will see ghost longer than 60 seconds, before those expire and are removed from the conference

@damencho Thank you for replayingā€¦
We are okay with ghost participantsā€¦
can you specify where we can change the interval for WebSockets.

But network switch was very quick less than 5 secsā€¦ in that case this should not appear right ?

index.js:154 2022-06-17T13:07:51.082Z [features/base/net-info] <NetworkInfoService.>: Network changed {ā€œisOnlineā€:false}
index.js:154 2022-06-17T13:07:54.591Z [features/base/net-info] <NetworkInfoService.>: Network changed {ā€œisOnlineā€:true}

If I recall from when I read the ā€˜forced reloadā€™ implementation, that config setting only applies to bridge failure. Thereā€™s a separate mechanism used when ā€˜network offlineā€™ is detected, and it may not check the config setting?

Then this needs debugging why bosh is not reconnecting quickerā€¦ Create an issue on github lib-jitsi-meet with steps to reproduce and attaching the logs.

@damencho I have created an issue in github Prevent page reload on Network switch Ā· Issue #2035 Ā· jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet Ā· GitHub