Prevent multiple sessions from one ip

Is it possible to block subsequent sessions from the same IP? Duplication occurs when, with a running conference, you can go back to the same conference

A custom prosody module can be used to do that.
But it is common these days for several people to come from the same ip, for example on company office can be using same IP and multiple people join from there.

we do not have such a situation that several people come from one IP. Can you tell me how to make this prosody module?

You will deny user access as the token validation does:

Every session has an IP field:
local ip = session.ip;

And you can iterate over every session in prosody and check whether there is an established session for that IP like the rayo limit outgoing calls count:

Mind that if you do that, if the connection for a user drops and restores and but the user had hit reload in the meantime, he or she will not be able to join the meeting till the old session expires, which will be around a minute after the disruption.

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I have both modules in the folder /usr/share/jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins. Do I just need to enable them in the prosody configuration? /etc/prosody/$hostname.lua

I also found a commented out line --“token_verification” (component conference and breakout) in file /etc/prosody/conf.d/$hostname.lua.

No, you need to write your own. I gave you hints how to implement that.