Prevent jitsi deleting reservations

I want to track meeting logs after each meeting, ended, so instead of letting jitsi delete the reservation, cant we do like , if the deletre api is triggered by the jitsi , api will update the jitsi status as completed and respond rejection status? @shawn

That’s not going to work. The reservation plugin calls the DELETE api when it is triggered by a room deletion, and since the data model of the reservation within the plugin is tied to the presence of a room, it is not really possible to reject a deletion.

You should really be handling your use case within your API itself. For example, you might choose to use the POST/DELETE calls to track meeting start/end times but still allow the same meeting to be restart after it has already ended.

There is a lot of flexibility to model your own concept of reservations in your APIs; think of the “reservations” feature in Jitsi as a set of webhooks that allow you to implement your logic, rather than a complete solution that handles reservations for you.

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can i able to track calls duration from iframe api, wehich i ahve embedded in my webpage?
i think we can track the participants list and info but wat about the duration of call toook place?

I’m not sure if you can reliably track call durations in IFrame API – since this run on client browsers, even if you can extract duration you still need to have clients send that info back to your server for processing/storage/logging?

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As corby mentioned, you can create a prosody module that on muc-room-destroyed event, work out duration based on elapsed time since room creation time. You can then log out the duration, or make an API call, or however you need to consume that information.

If you’re already using reservation module, you could do this a lot simpler by tracking start time on the POST call and calculate elapsed time on the DELETE call.

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The reservation system has already been ported to a prosody module: