Prevent changing of display name / Extend screenshare below filmstrip

Hey guys, I’m new here. Appreciate your time beforehand.

Firstly I’m wondering if we can prevent users being able to click on their Local Video to change the display name. I’m presetting the names beforehand, from an API, and don’t want these to be changeable. (A text cursor shouldn’t appear etc.)


Secondly, I’m not sure if this is a bug but screenshares don’t seem to be extending below filmstrips/local user video. This limits the screenshare, it doesn’t take up all the room. Has consequences for smaller displays and mobile.

Video from normal camera: Screenshot-20200415140122-467x709|329x500

Video from screen share: Screenshot-20200415140108-459x711|322x500

Thanks for your work on Jitsi

Try something like this :
api.executeCommand(‘displayName’, userFullName);

Surely there’s a better way than this hack?

If you use JWT you can set disableProfile to true in your config.js:

// Disables profile and the edit of all fields from the profile settings (display name and email)
disableProfile: true,

I did it using custom CSS value for display name.
Don’t remember offhand will let you know.

Hello Now I am passing this parameter using JWT and I don’t understand how to do it specifically, here I have payload It looks like this where I need to insert this parameter


        "context": {

            "user": {

                "name": "Name",

                "affiliation": "member",



        "aud": "jitsi",

        "iss": "12345",

        "sub": "....",

        "room": "roomName",

        "disableProfile": true


disableProfile is a param in /etc/jitsi/meet/yourdomain-config.js

And how can I send it with JWT?

I just create different rooms in which there will be 2 roles user and moder and the user needs to disable name change by jwt token

This property cannot be set per user. You can completely disable it in your config.js file

And how is it possible to pass such a parameter so that it is what I’m talking about?

Hello! I set the parameter disableProfile:true в файле /etc/jitsi/meet/$(hostname -f)-config.js
for the web version everything works, the question is: How to disable the name in the mobile application?

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Hey ! Same problem here. Did you find a way to prevent name change from mobile app?